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Purdy XL-Dale

by Purdy

Purdy's XL Dale allows you extra reach with its long thin rat tail unvarnished wood handle. It is also the most versatile brush, for all paints and stains and great in any climate for both interior and exterior painting projects. The brushes are stiff, which makes them suitable even when humidity is high, thanks to a blend of Satin-Edge Nylon (Tynex) and Orel Polyester. Purdy's XL Dale simulates the ragged ends of natural bristle, so the brush holds more paint and releases it without brush marks so you can achieve maximum paint lift and a smooth application.

  • Long thin handle for extra reach
  • For use with all types of paints and stains
  • Excels in interior and exterior projects
  • Works in any climate, including high humidity
  • Most Versatile Brush
  • Medium stiff nylon/polyester blend