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Frontline Heroes Campaign

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting more countries and an increasing shortage of face masks and personal protection equipments (PPE) for the frontline healthcare professionals. GigaBuy Supply team is stepping up to the challenge to help health care professionals, hospitals, medical facilities and nursing homes to secure qualified certified medical PPE supplies from our global network of trusted vendors, suppliers and partners.

GigaBuy Supply Mission to the Frontline Heroes:

  • Provide frontline heroes with trusted certified personal protective equipments
  • Leverage our global network of trusted vendors, suppliers and partners for PPE supply
  • Reaching out to small and medium businesses to secure donations of PPE or funds to purchase PPE
  • Ensuring PPE are delivered on time to those that require them
Thank you to all customers, small and medium businesses who support the campaign in ensuring our frontline heroes receive the proper PPE to continue the fight against CONVID-19. Please know that your contributions are saving lives and helping frontline heroes well equipped to fight CONVID-19.

If you want to donate fund to purchase PPE for the frontline heroes, please call or email us, our dedicated team are ready to help fight COVID-19!

Ways to Reach Us
Phone: +1.833.882.5666